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Cooperatives Attracted 32.2 Million GEL Last Year

By 2017, 1270 cooperatives are registered in the Agricultural Cooperative Development Agency. According to the report of the Minister of Agriculture, Levan Davitashvili, in the Parliament of the Agrarian Issues Committee, presented in the report of 2017, the number of beneficiaries combined in cooperatives is 11 664 and the attracted capital is 32.2 million lari. Mobilized land area is 16,941 hectares.

The Agency has several current projects. Among them are 10 agricultural cooperatives financed in the framework of the State Program for Supporting Agricultural Cooperatives. Total value of 1,126,662 GEL.

Last year, three agricultural cooperatives with total value of 1,186,950 GEL were financed within the state program of viticulture agricultural cooperatives.

67 agricultural cooperatives were financed within the program of supporting agricultural cooperatives supporting Beekeeping, with a total value of 423,719 GEL.

29 cooperatives were financed by the state program of the rational use of the state-owned hay-grasslands in the mountainous regions, which was given 1,569,065 GEL worth agricultural equipment.