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Construction of Tkibuli TPP is Due To Start in Georgia

Subsidiary company “Tkibuli 150” has already submitted Environment Impact Assessment Report, which public discussion is scheduled by January 6, 2016.

The report notes, that operation of the thermal power plant should be made in line with the internationals standards. According to the conceptual project, tub with the newest technology and high effective air-cleaning system maximally reduces risks of atmosphere air quality worsening.

According to the current plan, thermal power plant should work on the local coal with a capacity of 732 400 t in a year, which means that investments should be made in the improvement of mining infrastructure.

Moreover, 150-200 persons should be employed during the construction of thermal power plant, while creation of 200-250 working places should be necessary in order to launch the plant.

To remind, investment of 200 million USD will be made for implementation of the largest project. The biggest Chinese group “Dongfang Electric Corporation Limited” must be engaged in the project.

Construction of coal-fired thermal power plant is Tkibuli will start from 2016. Annual output of the thermal power plant will be 1 billion kwh.