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Cases of Power Cuts Becoming more and more Frequent in Georgia

Georgian State Electric System (GSE) refutes common belief that recently the cases of power failure have become more frequent in the country and says that the situation with power supply has not become worse. According to the organization, the number of large-scale system outages was about the same in 2014 as in 2012 while in 2013 such outages did not occur.

According to the GSE, 7 system failures occurred in 2003, in 2004 – 5, in 2002 – 3 ones.

In 2005 and 2010 the system shutdown occurred twice,  in 2006, 2009 and  2001 – not once.

According to the head of the PR Department  at the Electricity System Commercial Operator (ESCO)  Nino Jeranishvili, the number of outrages  has not increased, but decreased when a 5. 5% growth in electricity consumption is registered in Georgia.

“Due to the growth in consumption, which often leads to an overload of the power system, we constantly introduce advanced equipment to avoid  failures, which helps to prevent large-scale power outages. In addition, large sums are spent on the rehabilitation of power lines and internal networks. Asit is known, a  power grid is a line  which transmits and distributes power from the generating facilities. In this situation, the generation, transportation and consumption occur simultaneously. Accordingly, if for example, the accident happened at the site of generation, it turns off all systems. The same thing happens when d high-voltage lines or substations are damaged, “- she says.

The head of service for public relations at  Kakheti Energy Distribution Company Beka Baramidze says that  in the region power outages rate was reduced from 25 to 19 hours per capita during the last 4 months of 2014.

“We are actively working on rehabilitation of equipment, respectively, due to renovations the number of planned outages has increased, but the risk of outages proportionally reduces. Sometimes we have to carry out repair works in several villages simultaneously, so in comparison to the previous year increased the duration of outages  which  is   temporary due to rehabilitation works, “- Baramidze adds.

In his words, last year such active repair works  were not carried out.

“After the arrival of the new management, the company has drastically reduced the commercial losses, respectively, revenues rose. In 2013,  losses amounted to  27%, now – no more than 16% , “- the representative of the company notes.

The expert Revaz Arveladze believes that  the main cause of frequent blackouts is a shortage of qualified personnel in this field.

“We have no people who might be plan and implement the measures necessary for the normal functioning of the power system. It’s absurd  when energy companies explain blackouts  occur due to repair works  – at least in the winter no repair works are not carried out, and they should not deceive the public. In addition, outrages  should not happen in a normal situation at all, except for natural disasters, “- Arveladze  underlines.