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Bread Has Risen in Price – Answers from Entrepreneurs

BM.GE has talked with entrepreneurs about growing bread prices. Grain prices have risen on the global market and naturally, this tendency makes influence on a growth in bread prices in Georgia too. Unlike the Government, part of the private sector points to unjust and uncompetitive conditions on the market.

Despite this, after Prime Minister Mamuka Bakhtadze urged, the Competition Agency spread a statement, under which the Agency will comprehensively explore the current situation on the market of grain and pastry and carry out monitoring due to the established regulations.

„I do not know the international market details, but the fact is that gas, packing materials, fuel and flour have risen in prices in Georgia and these factors have also increased bread prices. The packing materials are affixed to EUR and consequently, they also raise prices due to changes in USD and EUR value. Therefore, we had to make 10-Tetri bid”, Dato Vasadze, director for LLC Ipkli 1, noted.

“In reality the bread price was to rise so far, because the flour tariffs started rising in spring and saw a historical high in August. This record is beaten every month and the purchasing price grows and grows every month. Bad harvest of grain has generated deficit, the market lacks for raw materials. Therefore, prices have grown catastrophically”, Tinatin Khutsishvili, director of LLC Lithuanin Bakery told BM.GE

“Grain prices have increased on global market and consequently, the flour has also risen in price by about 30%-35%. Bread prices have also grown. Six months ago the flour price was 34-35 GEL, today the price has increased to 48-49 GEL. As to the global market, there are various versions, including that China started imports of grain in huge volumes”, Niko Iusupov, Ipkli Dighomi director noted.