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BPC Company Exports Juice Products to Qatar

BPC bio juice products manufacturing company launched exports of its products to Qatar in early September – the company exported one container of dog-rose and cherry natural juice products.

The company director Nino Abashidze told BM.Ge that this year they sent several test boxes to Kuwait in 2018, as well as to the Netherlands, but no orders have been made yet from the mentioned countries. BPC has exported its products to Switzerland too. 

BPC company has exported sugar-free and organic dog-rose juices to the USA for the second times. It was difficult to appear on the USA market. We plan to expand the assortment of our products by the end of 2018. Namely, we will add pomegranat juice products too, Nino Abashidze noted. 

‘We are trying to maintain old prices, but this is difficult in case of cherry juices, because we do not pick the raw materials, we buy pressed materials. Previously, the price of our cherry juice was 4.5 GEL, but now the price has increased to 6 GEL”, Nino Abashidze said and added that in November the company will produce juice in plastic containers too.