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AYFB Introduces Report on Tourism Sector Indicators

AYFB Introduces Report on Tourism Sector Indicators

On April 5 the Association of Young Financiers and Businessmen (AYFB) held a news conference at the Pirveli news agency press-club.

The AYFB analyst Paata Bairakhtari introduced the AYFB report on the tourism sector tendencies and indicators. According to the report, Georgia recorded an inflow of 1 134 436 million visitors in January to March 2016, up 14.7% compared to the same period of 2015.

“It should be noted the month of March turned out the most active period in terms of tourist inflows. The country hosted 450 875 visitors in only March, up 16.7% compared to the same period of 2015. It is worth noting this is the major figure over the past 10 years.

It is interesting to define the reasons that have intensified the visitors’ inflow to Georgia in his period of the year, when the active tourism season remains still far away. Both domestic and foreign factors have driven a growth in tourist inflows to Georgia. Increased perception of Georgia is one of the factors, as well as penetration into the new tourism markets.

The national tourism administration has provided very useful and fruitful marketing campaigns in this respect, including commercials in the world’s leading TV companies, invitation of foreign reporters to Georgia.

As a result, more than 400 reporters have covered Georgia’s tourism potential and opportunities. As to the new markets, the growing inflow is recorded from the Persian Gulf countries, China (currently negotiations are underway with China on enhancement of tourism cooperation). Visa regime simplification has also boosted the tourism inflows”.

The AYFB analyst has also noted that the instable situation in the neighboring counties has also boosted visitors’ inflow to Georgia.

“Besides internal factors, external factors have also performed key role in growth of tourist inflows.

Tensions and instable situation in the neighboring countries should be considered one of the similar factors. This year the tourism inflows to Turkey have shrunk by 10%.

Moreover, the Russia-Turkey tensions also closed Turkish resorts to Russian tourists. Consequently, Georgia remains an only resort country for Russian tourists in the South Caucasus.

As to the 2015 indicators, Georgia earned 1.935 billion USD from the tourism sector throughout 2015, up 148 million USD compared to 2014. Based on the above-mentioned tendencies, we can suppose that the year of 2016 will be more impressive in terms of foreign currency inflows”, the AYFB expert noted.