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Auto-Market in Georgia Grew by Almost 10% Last Year

There is one car per four citizens in Georgia on average, says Ministry of Interior, which seems much more when you are in the streets of Tbilisi. According to the Ministry’s data, the number of automobiles in the country grows consistently every year; last year’s growth constituted almost 10 percent.

Most of the vehicles (80%) in Georgia are passenger cars and SUV’s, among which the most popular colors are grey (27,7%) and white (16%).

It is worth noting that most of the cars in Georgia have been manufactured more than 10 years ago. Only 2% of the total vehicle pool in Georgia was manufactured within the last 3 years.

The most widespread vehicle models in Georgia are Mercedes-Benz and Opel. However, Nissan’ and Subaru’s presence on the Georgian market has considerably grown; the growth coefficient amounts to 1,7 and 1,5.

As to the specific models, Opel Astra and Opel Vectra are still the leaders on the Georgian auto-market. After that, Mercedes Benz E and Mercedes-Benz C classes follow.