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Assets of Finance Corporations Grow

Assets of finance corporations have risen by annual 22% to 43.4 billion GEL. Ratio of commercial banks accounts for 70% (30.3 billion GEL).

According to the new chart of National Bank of Georgia (NBG), annual growth in assets of corporations is around 21.22% (2016, 2015).

NBG announced about additions to infrastructural chart of the finance sector (3.1-2 and 3.1-3) , which will be renewed every year, unlike 3.1-1. https://www.nbg.gov.ge/.

The finance sector (NBG, commercial bank, microfinance organization, credit union, pension funds, insurance company…) is represented by 86 000 department, including representations of TBC Bank and Bank of Georgia, in Israel, Hungary, Turkey and Great Britain.

NBG has included infrastructure outside of Georgia into the renewed statistics.