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Ani Mirotadze: Govn’t Decision to Allocate 1/3 of State Budget to Social Packets was Correct

Parliament majority member Ani Mirotadze evaluates David Sergeenko’s new initiative regarding the primary healthcare circle reform and says that the government is carrying out the healthcare reform in sequence.

According to Mirotadze’s statement, in the long-term perspectives, it’s important to facilitate a social mentality that disease prevention is far more crucial, since in this case surgical and other types of high-tech and expensive invasions van be prevented more.

“Periodic health assessment is a lifestyle in Western countries and is quite normal, it prevents disease risks. I think that the number one worry for the government should be to achieve that same type of approach and mentality in our country,” – states Mirotadze.

Mirotadze considers that in often cases most people don’t even have 40-50 GEL in order to pay for examinations, which cases their condition to worsen and necessitate surgical procedures. Naturally, 10 and 20 times more ends up being spent in order to treat an advanced disease. “That is exactly why I think that when the government allocated the one third of the budget for the social packet, it was a very correct step despite Georgia’s small budget.” – states Mirotadze.

According to her, primary healthcare circle priority should be medical examinations. To start, the government needs to allocate funds in order for the population to be able to undergo examinations and be aware of the type of help they require.

Ana Mirotadze also talked about the C Hepatitis elimination program and noted that it’s a chance to preserve human lives:

“As far as I’m aware, there are up to 40 thousand people in Georgia diagnosed with Hepatitis C. They require this program like air. Since 5 thousand people began treatment fairly recently, making specific conclusions is difficult. Although I think that we still haven’t fully thought through the importance of the project that has begun in Georgia. We’ll realize this when, after a certain amount of time, concrete results are at hand.” said Ani Mirotadze said.

By Nutsa Galumashvili
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