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AMS Airlines: Disinformation Spread of Us not having Operating License

AMS Airlines responds the story aired on September 30 on Rustavi 2 and explains that the information contained is false.

The company describes the dissemination of programme P.S.’s information as if the company does not have the Operating License and allegedly performs the activities in violation of the law.

The company explains that the founders of the company have no connection with Russia and Russian business.

“According to the news report, the aircraft operator’s certificate of airliner (AOC) has expired and the company has been carrying out activities in violation of the law. This information does not correspond to the truth, which can be easily approved by the AOC issued by the Civil Aviation Agency. It should be noted that the airline’s old AOC expired on September 28, 2018, while on September 24, 2018, the company had a new AOC.

Reportedly, the company did not have an Operating License (OL) since September 25, which is not true. Operation license was mandatory only by the Order N 98 of the Civil Aviation Agency. According to this order, airlines operating in the transition process of the license are obliged to carry out the extension of the expiration certificate. The requirement of this certificate was made only after 28 September 2018 after a new AOC by the company. The airline filed an application for this document on July 10, 2018, and the Civil Aviation Agency has a three-month license to review the application that expires on 10 October.

As for the false information spread on the company’s foundation, there is no connection between Russian citizen Sergei Polsky and the airline. Also, only one of the shareholders of the company is the citizen of the Russian Federation. The issue of shareholders’ citizenship was misinterpreted in the report, thus attempting to link the company with the Russian business. The founders of the airline are: Sergei Samarin (Russian citizen); Andrei Janovich (Moldovan citizen); Mirian Chkoidze (Georgian Citizen) and Apollax Group Ltd (LLC registered in Georgia).

AMS Airlines was founded in 2014 and has been operating without any patronage and corruption deals, thus contributing to the popularization of Georgian aviation and economic development of the country.