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Ajara Meets September Season with Tourism Boom and Clean Seaside

Over the past years unsanitary problems were creating key challenges to the Ajara seasides. In previous years, the local Authorities were failing to meet tourism seasons with clean environment and save tourists from unsanitary effects.

Like the previous years, tourists declare this year that seasides are polluted by household wastes and cleaning works are conducted rarely. One of the tourists, who arrived in Batumi for holidays, noted that the territory was polluted most of all in the evening and cigarette remains had covered the whole territory. Tourists are also complaining about polluted sea water.

There are evident cases when children were infected by enteroviruses and various infections because of the overwhelming unsanitary, vacationers noted. Meanwhile, state officials on both regional and central levels assert that resorts are free of unsanitary and virus problems.

What happens today when the mellow season has entered the active phase?

As we have clarified, Batumi is meeting the mellow season with clean seaside. Mamuka Berdzenishvili, head of the Ajara tourism department says that unsanitary problems genuinely existed in the summer peak period, but all problems have been resolved.  The summer challenges were caused by two reasons. In June-August a great number of tourists visited the Region and the Ajara Cleanup Service could not cope with the increased scales of the problem, Berdzenishvili said.

“On autumn season we have resolved all technical problems. Therefore, we do not expect the Ajara Region to face this challenge. The current opportunities that the region owns in this direction fully meets the challenges and the quantity of tourists that we expect in September-October. If not summer challenges, the cleanup service would not have been developed”, Berdzenishvili noted.

The Caucasus Business Week (CBW) has tried to clarify what situation dominates at Ajara-based hotels on this mellow season.

Radisson BLU Batumi Hotel

The hotel management assures that all suites are loaded by 100%. Foreign visitors prevail among customers. A major part of foreign guests come from Poland, Russia, Ukraine and Turkey. Currently, rental of a standard suite at Radisson BLU Batumi hotel is 315 USD (including breakfast).

Hilton Batumi

Batumi, including Hilton Batumi hotel  have tourists boom on the mellow season. The hotel is loaded by 100%. As a result, it is impossible to book a suite at the hotel. A major part of the hotel customers come from Israel, Saudi Arabia and Poland. «There are Georgians too among our clients, but very rarely», the hotel management said.

The rental of a standard suite at Hilton Batumi hotel is 235-350 USD (including breakfast).

Georgia Palace Hotel

The mellow season is very active, the Kobuleti-based hotel management says. About 80% of the hotel suites have been loaded. A major part of customers come from foreign countries.

The price of a standard suite with one bed starts from 149 USD, the Georgia Palace Hotel management said.

It should be also noted that despite sanitary problems, the Russian Forbes placed Batumi in top ten mellow season destinations. The Forbes has developed the rating jointly with RoomGuru.ru search system. The vacation budget has been created due to the averaged value of vacation for September. The price includes the air ticket prices for two passengers and a week-long vacation price at a 3- and higher star hotels.

This signifies Batumi, as an image of tourism direction, is taking deeper roots among target customer groups. Russia, Ukraine and Belarus are our target markets, Mamuka Berdzenishvili, chairman of the Ajara Tourism Department, explained.

“I think our popularity grows and not only because of AD campaigns. Improvement of Various tourism products have played crucial importance in this direction, including wine tourism and cuisine tourism development. We are also developing eco-tourism”, Berdzenishvili said.