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AGSO: Long-term Lease of Land is Not a Solution

AGSO: Long-term Lease of Land is Not a Solution

Irakli Chikava, Commercial Director of Consulting Company Agro Solutions (AGSO), considers that long-term lease instead of selling agricultural land is not a solution and he notes that such a proposal might not interest large investors.

“When we talk about investments in agriculture, we automatically mean great international companies for serious purposes. Therefore, none of the serious international company will invest in leased land and there are several reasons. No one can give a guarantee to the investor in the developing country like us, that attitude towards foreigners, who are leasing the land, will not be altered during the change of the authorities. It is also important that the investor does not have a guarantee linked to lease tax amend after the government change,” Chikava declares and adds that large investments will not be made in the country due to these or other  reasons in the case of land lease.

He believes that land can be sold to foreigners, but with certain conditions – it should be regulated. On the one hand, it should be written in the draft bill that  land purchase does not give any privilege to foreigners for living in our country, and on the other hand, to cultivate the land and produce products.

It is noteworthy that citizen of the foreign country always had a right to buy land in the country though the history of independent Georgia and despite that, today foreigners hold less than 1% in our country.