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Agro Solution Submitted to Market New Agricultural Consulting Product

“The aim of project is not only the increasing the productivity of hazelnut orchards, but also the quality of the harvest “.

The company Agro Solution has started implementation of new project, which means consultancy services for hazelnut orchards at various stages of vegetation.

Under the project, the company Agro Solutions provides its customers a full range of agronomy and expert consultancy, concerning the maintenance of the hazelnut orchards owned by the customer.

Within the above mentioned project, Agro Solution has presented to market 3 (three) types of consulting products:

  1. „More Yield”- the one-year, full consulting service.
  2. “Planting” – a six-month, garden cultivation advisory service.
  3. „Basket“ -a two month service, in the directions of harvesting and storage.

Product – “More Yield”

  • Detection and controll of the risk points in the nut orchards.
  • Providing with recommendations at all stages of vegetation.
  • Providing with practical recommendation during the specific agrotecnical operation.
  • Ascertaining – and evaluating the quality of performance of specific operations made by the Customer.
  • Reporting to the Customer during each visit.
  • Recommendations for the following directions:
  • Agro technical works (works for soil, channels for drainage system)
  • Cultivation of orchard (selection of species, determination of feed, planning of plot, planting).
  • Pruning-formation
  • Feed (types of mineral and organic fertilizers, filing dates and dosage)
  • Protection of plants (selection of insecticides, fungicides and acaricides, terms of aspersion and dosage)
  • Fighting against weeds
  • Harvesting and storage (Preparation of plot before harvesting, determination of the harvest time, storage technologies and recommendation).

Product- “Plant it“

  • Detection and controlling of risk points at the nut cultivation territory:
  • Providing with practical recommendation before starting the specific agrotecnical operation.
  • Providing with recommendations during the orchard cultivation will take place in the following directions :

Works for soil,  Channels for drainage system, Selection of species, Determination of feed, Planning of plot, Planting, Watering, Feeding (types of mineral and organic fertilizers, filing dates and dosage).

Product – “Basket“

– Preparation of plot before harvesting;

–  Determination of harvest time;

– Storage technology and recommendation.

The present project will help the owners of orchards to keep their hazelnut orchards under the permanent monitoring, to get advices from experts constantly and to receive the reports about the conditions of their orchards.

Finally, the purpose of this project is to help the farmers to increase not only the harvest, but also its quality.