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Ministry of Agriculture Conducts Media Tour with the Support of the IFAD

A media tour was organized by the Ministry of Agriculture on July 3 to July 5th, inviting central and regional media representatives in the Semegrelo-Zemo Svaneti region.

Otar Danelia, the Minister of Agriculture, personally introduced the journalists to completed and ongoing projects in the Semegrelo-Zemo Svaneti area in the directions of agricultural crediting, agricultural insurance, safety of goods, agricultural cooperation, ministry laboratory and helping the matters of the scientific-research center.

In order to service the agricultural production development goal, various projects (beneficial agricultural crediting project, processing plans’ co-financing project, the “Produce in Georgia” program) are being carried out under the initiative of the Ministry of Agriculture.  In their frames, 136 new plants have been financed. From these, 20 have been built in the Samegrelo region, which were financed by $24.5 million and created jobs 1000 people. 30 plants were expanded and re-equipped, which was financed by $4 529 000 and created 1272 jobs.

In frames of the media tour the journalists observed two new plants – the “Produce Georgia” financed “Stimor Representation in Georgia” (greenhouse construction) and the “Georgian Products Renaissance” (nuts processing) which was financed in frames of the co-financing project. Other activities the journalists participated in included: observation of the Zugdidi-based laboratory of the Ministry of Agriculture; Nosiri-based greenhouse farm; Mechanization center in the Abasha city where the journalists were presented with the Georgian plough.

The journalists were given the ability to observe the new greenhouse farm in Samtredia, “Imereti Greenery”, Ltd, which is a subsidiary of the Dutch company “Foodventures”.

Greenhouse farms were built in November, 2014 in Samtredia, on thermal water deposits. The company realizes 800 000 lettuces annually on the local market. The greenhouse garming received financial aid from both beneficial agricultural crediting and the International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD).

The media tour was carried out under the financial support of one of the largest donors in the agriculture sector, the International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD).

During the media tour, the project lead for IFAD, Lali Durmishidze, briefly talked about the activities of IFAD in Georgia, as well as their ongoing and future projects. She also presented journalists with the finished activities in frames of the “Agriculture Support Project (ASP)”.