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Advertising Campaign Promoting Adjara not to be Held in New Countries Next Year

Department of Tourism  of Adjara have  no plans to enter  a new international market in 2015. They say that the marketing campaign will be implemented in the same international markets as  in 2014. They are Turkey, Azerbaijan, Armenia, Kazakhstan, Belarus, Ukraine, Poland, Israel, Lithuania.

According to the Department,  in total GEL 2.18 million will be spent on the  marketing campaign ofthe region as a tourist destination in the international market which is about 400 000 less than in 2014. While inside  the country GEL 240 000 has been allocated for the promotion of the region’s tourism potential.

About  GEL 1.5 million more will be spent for a program aimed to support Adjara  tourism developmentin the coming year, unlike last year.

According to the budget of Adjara for 2015, approximately GEL 4.58 million will be allocated in 2015. The Tourism Department of Adjara states  that in 2014,  GEL 3 million was spent on the development of tourism, while in 2013- GEL 2 million.

As for the development of tourism products and services, in 2015  GEL 1.073 million will be spent for this purpose. While in  2014 – GEL  283 500, and in 2013 – GEL 216 500.

Ministry  of Finance and Economy of Adjara  says that the medium-term priorities of Department ofTourism and Resorts for 2015-2018  is to promote  tourism development, which implies an effective policy in the field of tourism and resorts,  to reveal  the region’s  tourism opportunities,  to provide  the variety of tourism products and raise  the region’s  awareness in the international and domestic market.