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Academy for Peace and Development- Equipping Youth with Employability Skills

”Employability skills for Young People in Telavi and Sheki Municipality” – This project is implementing by the German Federal Enterprise for International Cooperation (GIZ) in the frame of Eastern Partnership Territorial Cooperation Program and it is funded by European Union.  Project partners are Telavi Municipality Assembly, Academy for Peace and Development from Georgia and PUEE ”Balans” from Azerbaijan. CBW had an interview with Project Educational Coordinator Mikheil Rogava:

Tell us a little bit about the Project, what’s the main goal of your activities?

The project will contribute to reducing youth unemployment in target regions through assisting young people in acquiring employability skills and strengthening the links between young job-seekers and potential employers. The project envisages long and short-term educational activities for a large number of beneficiaries as well as initiation of communication between potential employers and potential job seekers. Also, the project intends to organize training of trainers (ToT) in employability skills on both sides of the border and to publish a toolkit in employability skills. Educational activities will lead to significant improvement of employability skills among young people in target regions, while the establishment of communication between potential employers and beneficiaries will create a space for discussions, self-presentation, and job-matching.

What are the skills you would like to develop in young generation, do you think old generation are lacking of it?

12 months guided training course in employability skills with coaching elements with the group of selected young people will significantly improve the abilities of young people to get employed and succeed in their career regardless the sector they want to build their career in. Young people, will equip with employability skills, such as: Communication skills (including interpersonal relations, conflict management), Entrepreneurial,  Presentation and effective communication skills, Leadership and Problem solving, Planning and management skills, , Teamwork, Project and Time management skills, Networking and many other as well as necessary attitudes and habits will make the target audience a strong group of people equipped with generic skills and strong employability portfolio.

During the project we will organize different activities such as Meetings with successful people to share their success stories, Study visits in Sheki and Telavi municipality where participants will have opportunity to exchange experience, discuss obstacles, visit successful companies in neighboring region, get to know each others culture, customs and daily life; We provide workshops and presentations for young people in educational institutions, Youth Employment Forum, Study visits to local employers CSO, companies, public bodies.

Also we will provide Training of Trainers in employability skills in order to support sustainability of the initiative, thus creating opportunity for more young people to get empowered, action envisages training of 10 trainers in employability skills.

During the project we will prepare and publish  Tool Kit which will enable formal and non-formal educators to plan and develop quality educational projects in employability skills, thus contributing to development of soft skills and therefore employability of young people in target regions.

In order to provide youth with information on lifelong learning opportunities on local and international levels, there will be 2 web portals created in Georgian and Azerbaijani languages respectively.

Web portals will support youth with information on local and international youth opportunities, formal and non-formal education possibilities, training, seminars, scholarships, exchanges, organizations, working in youth field, resource centers and other youth programs.

What is the result you are working for?

There are several  results for what we are working for:

Equip more than 100 young people in Telavi and Sheki with different employability skills.  This will increase the ability of economically active young people in target regions to correspond to demands of local labor market.

Strength links between employers and young jobseekers. It will open the space for discussions, exchange of opinions in healthy environment, consultancy and dialogue for better matching of demand and supply on the local labor market.

Train 5 people from each side equipped with skills of trainers in employability skills which will create a sustainable expertise in the field of employability in target regions in order to continue working in this direction.

Provide Toolkit on employability skills, designed considering the specifics of local reality of cross-border region which will be a good tool for future continuation of non-formal education in employability.

Based on what did you choose locations, do you plan on expanding the number of it?

The aim of  the organization ”Academy for Peace and Development” is empowering of  youth and civil society actors for living and building peace in Georgia, South Caucasus and  Europe beyond through development of competences, advocating participatory policy development and promoting partnerships on cross-sectorial and intra-sectorial levels. According to these aims we designed the project with partnership of our neighbor country such as Azerbaijan. At this moment we are working in Telavi and Sheki municipalities, which are very close to each other and hope that our successful cooperation will be indicator to expand numbers of future projects.