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24% more International Visitors Arrived in Georgia in February 2016

24% more International Visitors Arrived in Georgia in February

In February 2016 almost 24% more international visitors arrived in Georgia.

Georgian vice Prime Minister, Minister of Economy and Sustainable Development Dimitri Kumsishvili held the briefing concerning about the international visitors arrival in Georgia.

 According to him, based on the statistics for February 2016, almost 24% more international travelers visited Georgia compared to previous year including the increase of the number of foreign travelers and tourists spending more than 24 hours in Georgia.

Data shows that this number is increased by 19% compared to the last year on February 2015.

Two month data shows that positive trend is maintained with European Union (EU) countries. The most visitors arrived in Georgia in January and February were following countries: from Italy – 29%, France – 29%, Great Britain – 14%, Poland – 11%, and Germany – 7%.

The majority of tourists visited Georgia in February 2016 were from Azerbaijan – 41.9%, Turkey – 12.2%, Armenia – 7.5%, Russia – 29.2% and Ukraine – 23.5%. It should be pointed out that there is significant increase also with Iranian citizens, at amount – 80.1%, Belarus – 30.3%, and the United States – 20.5%.

The total number of international arrivals comprised 683 561 who had crossed the Georgian border from January 1 till February 29. The growth is 13.9%. The amount of tourist visitors made up 236 584, which is 11.2% more than it was in last corresponding year.

According to the Ministry of Economy, only in February 2016, 70 000 more visitors arrived in Georgia. Meaning that 42 million GEL was obtained in the country’s economy.