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Otaku Life- the First Georgian Magazine about Japanese Pop Culture

Japanese pop culture, in the form of anime, manga and other media, is highly popular all over the world today, and Georgia is among them. Although, there was no available information for Georgians on native language, only until young anime-lovers created both magazine and digital source: tokyo.ge. CBW had an interview with …

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Startup Holo Plans to Launch Hologram Theater

The Innovative Media Platform “Holo”, winner of ”Startup Georgia” plants to open a hologram theater with received grant, decorating stages with hologram visuals. ”Hologram theater will be a novelty in Georgia, and we have big plans in this regard,”-said Sandro Javakhishvili, co-founder of the brand at BM. The advertising company …

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Georgian Startup Offers Smart Home Space Saving Furniture

The innovative Georgian Startup Smart Home space saving furniture offers users a spatially transformed furniture. The project aims to produce furniture that changes its size and shape while using it. “We are preparing the furniture for a small space, which is multifunctional, most people living in Georgia have low income …

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Georgia Startup Restricting Drivers to Drive Overspeed

TTM Update innovative product will appear in automobile industry in the near future. This startup does not enable drivers to drive overspeed. The project author Vakhtang Iashvili told BM.Ge that growing number of road accidents in Georgia has inspired him to develop this project. “Regretfully, modern technologies are less used …

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High-tech Online Store for Implementing Innovative Ideas – Store.Edison.ge

Online store Store.Edison.Ge is a project of Edison company, which works on developing high-technology products with the aim to supply high-technology products to consumers. Objective of the project is to offer such products for implementation of innovative ideas. Moreover, according to the project authors, key part of the project is …

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