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Georgia Joins Global Recognition of Stenocardia Month

The campaign to raise awareness of stenocardia began in Georgia with a presentation of a social project organized by the European Cardiology Society (ESC) Working Group and French Pharmaceutical Company Servie. The information campaign is being conducted locally by the Association of Cardiovascular Diseases Prevention and Rehabilitation Association in Georgia. …

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Health Minister: Clinics Must Return Erroneously Received Money

Health Minister David Sergeenko has released his comments on millions of GEL imposed by Social Service Agency on clinics. Since medical clinics have failed to fulfill their obligations, Social Service Agency has obliged medical clinics to pay more than 13 million GEL. The issue is of 159 medical facilities, including …

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Georgian Psychiatrist Wins US Everyday Hero Award

Irakli Mania, the seeds for becoming an addiction psychiatrist were planted halfway around the world in Georgia. He said the country’s crumbling economy fostered an environment that led many of his peers to crime and drug abuse. “I felt helpless,” he said. Mania has spent the past 10 years helping …

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Official Statement on Seasonal Influenza in Georgia

Travel to Georgia remains safe despite recent exaggerated reports within the media about flu outbreak in the country. The Government of Georgia, including the Ministry of Internally Displaces Persons from the Occupied Territories, Labor, Health and Social Affairs and the National Center for Disease Control and Public Health, are taking …

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