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Zviad Tsikolia Accuses Windfor's in Plagiarism

Zviad Tsikolia Accuses Windfor’s in Plagiarism

Zviad Tsikolia, the well-known designer, blames the Agency for Windfor’s in plagiarism.

The matter cancers to the rebranding of Nikora’s subsidiary “Chveni Permeri” (Our Farmer), which is released under the brand of “Dgis Productebi” (Products of the Day) and Windfor’s has worked on the concept and is very similar to the concept of “Sante”, created by Zviad Tsikolia in 2009.

“I’m not going to refrain from that now. This concept is created by me in 2009 and now Windfor’s is trying to misappropriate it. The concept was created for Sante. It is already published in American book “Big book of packaging”. Windfor’s has been noticed in plagiarism previously and it is not an exception”, Tsikolia reports.

News Agency GBC contacted Windfor’s and talked with Inga Svanidze, Account Manager of “Dgis Produktebi”, but she did not want to comment on the issue.

“I do not make a comment on this issue at this stage, you have to wait for my official statement,” said Inga Svanidze, but did not specify when the official statement would be made.