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Zedazeni Launches Production of German Holsten Beer

Georgian Beer Company has launched production of German Holsten beer. The product appeared in distribution networks today, on May 21.

“Genuine lovers of beer always expect novelties from our company. Starting today they are able to taste German premium beer and we believe this product will occupy special place in the life of beer lovers. Georgian Beer Company plans to introduce several new products onto the market”, JSC Georgian Beer Company brand manager Mikheil Kurdadze said.

“Knight H, which appeared in various cities of Georgia simultaneously, is a part of marketing campaign of Holsten beer. Objective of this campaign is to say that the worldwide recognized German bee brand had already appeared in Georgia and it is available all over Georgia. Knight H has raised serious interest in our population. Over the past days, it appeared in all important events in Georgia. And Holstein beer will follow the same principle – everywhere with people. At the same time, this campaign is not over and Knight H will appear in interesting public places in the future too. Starting today the beer is available all over Georgia in 0.5, 1 and 2.5 liter containers”, Georgian Beer Company representatives said.