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Zaza Sopromadze: It would be good if other companies also follow Natakhtari Fund’s example

Everyone in Georgia universally acknowledges Natakhtari slogan – “Would You Like Natakhtari Lemonade?” as the best one, voiced by a child, making customer to feel confident about the product. It is worth to note that the Natakhtari Company did not present its product with a child’s voice accidentally; it really cares for the future generation.

On Saturday, May 16, Company Natakhtari hosted representatives of the Social Services Agency of the Ministry of Labor, Health And Social Affairs and Association Our Home -Georgia, as well as pupils of Caritas Georgia’s small family type home. The purpose of this meeting was very important, a memorandum on cooperation was concluded between the Social Services Agency and Association Our Home Georgia. This document was signed by Revaz Barbakadze, CEO of the Association Our Home Georgia and Zaza Sopromadze, Deputy Minister of Health and Director of the Social Services Agency.
The memorandum provides for mutual cooperation and supporting activities within the framework of Natakhtari Fund’s Project Take Care of Future. After signing a memorandum, guests met with beneficiaries employed at Natakhtari Factory.

Tornike Nikolaishvili, Marketing Director of Natakhtari Company:
“I am delighted that with the Fund’s assistance 61 beneficiaries are employed in various companies. I would like to remind you that the goal of the project is to prepare children deprived of parental care for independent life and support the process of their integration in the society. Out of 61 adolescents, as I noted, three are working at technical unit of Natakhtari Factory. This is also symbolic at certain extent, since these people take part in Natakhtari production. Also, we decided to employ more beneficiaries’ at the company, since we really care for the future generation and their employment.”

Manana Omarashvili, Head of the Psychology Service of the Association Our Home Georgia:
“We meet frequently and I am glad of that because we always have to voice positive information. The children’s welfare was the main reason, which made Natakhtari to assume the responsibility and we can talk a lot about this. Credit is to be given to the Fund established by the Company, which has been doing many good things for years. And this is how Natakhtari is distinguished from the other companies, it really cares for the young generation and, at the same time, it is not one-time assistance. The Company undertakes social responsibility called preparation of adolescents and youth deprived of care for independent life. Our cooperation started in 2011 and since then we celebrated many successes. The recent biggest achievement was that 10 of our beneficiaries got enrolled in the best universities of the country. Natakhtari Fund also cares for employment of our children. We are very proud of that, since these young people will acquire vocation and have guaranteed peaceful future. 30 beneficiaries live in houses rented by Natakhtari Fund; they are being trained in school subjects and think of their future. As you know, internship and employment are very important and the Fund provides great assistance in this regard. Finally, our common goal is to empower children to become strong and independent, not to be afraid of their past and the most important thing is that they will be proud in the future of their lives. Therefore, we would like to express our deep gratitude to Natakhtari Fund for its efforts, since it is not easy to find employment for 61 beneficiaries today.”

Zaza Sopromadze, Deputy Minister of Labor, Health and Social Affairs:
– As you know, childcare is one of the major priorities of the Georgian Government. In this regard a special Coordination Council was established in the Government chaired by the Prime Minister and we would like to note that many interesting projects are being designed. The main implementer of these projects is our Agency itself and children deprived of care are the main focus. The thing is that when children leave the institution, being funded by the state, and start independent lives, they need the assistance of the type provided by Natakhtari Fund. We welcome their assistance and would like to thank them for that, since dozens of employed children is a great result for one company and it is important to implement similar projects in all regions of Georgia not only in the capital. On behalf of the Government of Georgia and Social Services Agency of the Ministry of Labor Health and Social Affairs, I express my gratitude once again to the Fund and wish success in such an important endeavor. It will be vital that the other companies also follow Natakhtari’s example and make their contribution.

Gela Gogiashvili, Beneficiary employed by Natakhtari Fund:
– It has been a month and a half since I started working at Natakhtari. It was very difficult from the beginning, but I have good co-workers who helped me to get adapted to work. I earn enough to live on my own, I thank Natakhtari Fund for that!