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Zarapxana to Open the Shop in “Gallery Tbilisi” and Start Online Sales

Jeweller’s company “Zarapxana” will open a new shop “Gallery in Tbilisi” and start online sales. As the commercial direcot, Giorgi Korganashvili declared, after Co-investment Fund will open Trade Center “Gallery Tbilisi”, they will open a new shop there.

“In 2017, we are planning to renew the website and start online sales. We have negotiations with small tender with different companies and the customers will have an opportunity to buy our products online”-declared Giorgi Korganashvili.

“In the second half of the year,the price of gold was decreased, but the change in exchange rate did not balance it, therefore 2016 was not better than 2015. We maintain the prices in spite of inflation because we had certain reservoir but if nothing changes, we will have to decrease the prices. In 2016, we had to close our shop in Baku, because the demand has been significantly decreased”-said Korganashvili.

The most demanding product according to Korganashvili is diamond and stone-made products.

For reminder, Georgian Co-investment Fund is planning to open “Gallery Tbilisi” in September, 2017. The investment cost of the project is 80 million USD.

The history of Zarapxana starts in 1939 however, in 2005 it has become a private property.