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Ynnovas to Produce the Medicines by Herbal Raw Materials

A new high-tech factory has opened in Georgia’s capital Tbilisi to produce pharmaceutical products by using the healing potential of Georgian flora.

The new Ynnovas factory will also preserve family recipes and offer support to bring them into the pharmaceutical industry. About nine million GEL was invested in the Ynnovas factory.

Over 50-100 persons should be employed in the production processes, while over 1000 men will be engaged seasonally in the gathering process of herbal raw materials. However, the number will be increased up to 2000 at the different seasons.

The plant will process over 40 types of  herbals at the first stage and produce over 60 active substances. The company also plans serial production of family recipes, respectively many innovation should be offered to the customers.

“Ynnovas” will make activity in line with the international standards, the company already prepares for GMP/HASP/ISO certificates.