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World Sports Brands not able to Increase Sales in the Market

Despite a wide range of products, sporting goods market cannot grow in Georgia. Representatives of sports brands state that  in recent years the number of customers  has not increased in their stores.

GDL sport company that includes Adidas, Nike and Reebok stores says that this year sales haveslightly decreased, although discount promotions aregoing on in the network and user growth is expected in July.

The network management explains this fact by the country’s current economic situation and says that the population remains in the financial crisis. They note that  “GDL Sports” products are designed for all segments at available prices. Sales growth is not observed in “Master Sports” either. Management reports  that in recent years theconsumer activity has been  stable, but not growing.

According to them, management is working in this direction, studying the problem and plans to conduct a research. Master Sport is a brand of a middle pricing segment, which owns 3 stores in Tbilisi. GDL Sports network incorporates 12 stores, including 9 in Tbilisi and  3 – in Batumi.