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Wizchiz –Melt Cheese Restaurant Opens in Tbilisi

Wizchiz –Melt Cheese Restaurant Makes Sandwiches and Hotdogs with Swiss Technology

About a week ago a new food outlet – melt cheese restaurant Wizchiz opened in Tbilisi, which offers melt cheese sandwiches and hot-dogs made by Swiss technology, Marketer.ge writes.

The restaurant founders Giorgi Gogichashvili and Irakli Chachanidze learned about this technology during one of their tours and decided to introduce it in Georgia too.

The brand’s concept was developed by Follow Fox creative agency. The AD commercial draw much attention of social network users. As a result, on the inauguration day, a great number of clients visited the restaurant for melt cheese hot-dogs, the company representatives noted.

“During one of our tours I and my friend tasted Raclette, Swiss Cheese that is used for various dishes by special technology. Our friends were frequently sharing similar videos, but dishes cooked under this technology did not exist in Tbilisi.

In summer 2017 we started exploring whether we could implement our idea to open a cheese restaurant and only a week ago we managed to open it. Since this was an innovation on the market, we could not apply to anybody for assistance and we had to do everything ourselves.

In the first week clients were visiting our restaurants thanks to Facebook and video commercial. And the demand for the product surpassed our expectations.

We do not use oil in cooking. Meat is cooked on grill, while cheese is melt by a special equipment. Therefore, our sandwiches and hotdogs are absolutely healthy. Moreover, we have various options of ingredients for sandwiches. At this stage, we use German cheese and in about 2 months we will have Swiss Reclette, which we have specially ordered in Switzerland, and only our company will have this sort of cheese in Georgia”, Giorgi Gogichashvili, the company co-founder noted.