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Wissol Group Plans to Arrange Pizzeria Network

Wissol Group plans to arrange the network of pizzeria. Initially, pizza corners will be arranged at Vendi restaurants. Later the Vendi pizza restaurants will be developed as a separate network.

“We have worked on expansion of the pizzeria network for about 18 months. Based on the corresponding research of the consumer market, we made sure pizza is in-demand product in our country and high-quality services will bring real success

We have conducted negotiations with 2 American brands. Vendi holds strong positions in Georgia. We believe the pizzeria project will be excellently implemented within Vendi network. We developed a pizzeria concept and submitted it to Vendi, as well as the brand platform, corporate symbols and so on. Three months ago, we received a consent for testing the project. We arranged a pizzeria corner at Vendi restaurant in Kutaisi. They determined specific target parameters.

In Kutaisi the pizza sales exceeded the plan 2.6 times. As a result, Vendi gave a final consent on implementing the new project”, Vendi director general Giorgi Mshvildadze noted. 

Vendi pizzerias will trade in 5 varieties of pizza: Beconatort, Pizza with Four Cheese, Margarita, Peperon and Vegetarian Pizza. ‘We will use exclusively Italian ingredients: Italian flour, mozzarella, Pizza source, cheese Parmesan, cheese Gorgonzola and so on. The pizza size will be moderate (33 cm in diameter) and all five verities will cost the same – 11.4 GEL”, Wissol Group representatives noted.