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Winery Khareba to Build Hotels All Over Georgia

Winery Khareba plans to build hotels all over Georgia , the company director general Giorgi Ezugbaia told BM.GE. This year the company opened four-star hotel PORTA CAUCASIA in Kazbegi and at this stage the company also considers other locations too.

“We plan to develop hotel business all over Georgia, including in Kakheti Region. Currently, we are designing a specific project. We are selecting locations and discussing various opportunities. Under one of the versions, our project may be implemented on the territory of the Kvareli Tunnel”, Giorgi Ezugbaia said.

Winery Khareba has invested more than 5 million GEL in hotel construction works in Kazbegi. This is a hotel with 33 suites for elite segment.

‘We have made focus on the segment, which is interested in top-class services. This is elite hotel. There are two restaurants on its territory with Georgian and European cuisines. There is also a wine store. Currently, the hotel operates at full capacity.

Georgia’s tourism sector has 30% growth potential and we try to come up with this growth. Tourists mainly arrive from Post-Soviet countries. At the same time, significant growth is recorded from Europe, USA, Poland, Lithuania, Latvia, and neighboring countries”, Giorgi Ezugbaia said.