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We will Be the First to Export Dried Vegetable – Chirchkhela Introduces Innovative Idea

Chirchkhela, a Georgian dried fruits and vegetables manufacturing company, has introduced an innovative idea and plans to launch exports of dried vegetables for cooking soups in spring 2018.

The company founder Guri Salukvadze told the Commersant that a test part of dried vegetable has been already introduced to the Georgian market.

“We have started popularizing dried vegetable. We have already introduced first samples to retail network. We want to be the first company to launch exports of dried vegetables. We will have certain forms of packing.

This will be a certain kind of dried vegetable soup. For example, Borsch materials will be packed in the form of a dried vegetables with a corresponding volume of ingredients – onion, cabbage, garlic, beet and so on. Initially, we will introduce an assortment of Borsch and later we will introduce other soups too. In this way we will popularize healthy production”, Salukvadze said.

Prior to exports inauguration, the company will open its own enterprise in several months and launch a large-scale production of dried vegetable and Churchkhela, he added.

“After inauguration of the enterprise, in spring we will launch exports. We will satisfy EU standards to enter EU market”, Salukvadze said.
Amount of presumable investment has not specified yet, he noted.

“We have already chosen partners. We keep constant contact with them. We have already sent product samples and we are waiting for a final confirmation. Ukraine, China, Russia, Sweden and Baltic Countries are interested in Georgian dried fruits and dried vegetables”, Salukvadze noted.

The company has expanded business and opened a cafe-store at the end of the 2017: “BY this move we entered the tourism sector. Besides our products, various Georgian products are also sold at the store. The cafe is located on Mtatsminda and we want this place to become an attractive leisure time place for tourists”, the company founder said.

The company introduced Chirchkhela in October 2016. The company produces about 25 sorts of Georgian dried fruits and vegetables.