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Why Proper Visuals Matter – LAAP CEO Explains the Key factors of Success in Digital World

The fact that visual communication is very strong and effective in grabbing people’s attention and transmitting the information, the importance of advertising photography has increased drastically.

As a result, focusing on the visual content has become crucial in marketing strategy plan. Advertising photography includes a variety of genres of photography and means creative freedom in visual interpretation of product, service, lifestyle and ideas. Commonly, the photographers specializing in advertising photography are expertise in marketing, business management and sales.

Avtandil Gasviani, the CEO of LAAP FIne Art & Advertising Photography expressed dissatisfaction about the scarcity of advertising photography agencies in Georgia with Marketer.ge and adds that “despite of the extensive number of good photographers in Georgia, it is hard to find many advertising photography agencies which is focused solely on photography and creates specifically advertising product.


“If we take into account the fact that today everything is moving into a digital media, good, proper visual is the key factor for business development.” – Avtandil said.

Thus, in order to create a particular advertising product and establish new standards on Georgian market, he founded advertising agency LAAP with his friends.

“Our target audience includes any kind of business which enterprises product, food points / brands. But our strategic partners are digital communication agencies, “- he says. We have divided our service into categories. We categorized photos according to difficulties which start from the simplest color – white. We take photos both in our studio and on the scene, depending on client’s request and project specifications.

So far, we’ve carried out interesting and very important projects such as McDonalds, AgroHub, Restaurant Kakhelebi, East Point and many more.

Additionally, we too have challenges and one of the biggest one is the development of the market. Today, a large number of are not ready to pay a relevant price in a good photo product. We have to explain companies why a good content photo is needed and why does this service cost a certain amount. But we think gradually the market will develop and the demand will emerge.