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Whether a New Labor Migration Law will Restrict Investments in Georgia?

Representatives of Georgia-based companies comment on the labor migration bill and say that there is no need to  employ  foreigners in the country for the time being.

Mikheil Tigishvili , Director of Georgian International Holding , states that there is no global production in Georgia  that could not find the staff on the  local market. He says  that in this case it is possible to retrain workers abroad.

According to him, currently only two foreigners are employed in the company and they train and supervise the staff.

The company Hualing Group claims in a conversation with  “Commersant” that their lawyer is involved in the preparation of the draft and will make a comment on the completion of the work.

Recall that a law will regulate labor migration and related processes. As reported, the government proposed to Parliament a labor migration bill which is expected to  be submitted to the Bureau today.

The bill regulates employment of  the Georgian citizens, aliens holding permanent residence in Georgia or persons without citizenship status abroad, as well as employment of aliens not having a right to permanent residence in Georgia.

As stated in the explanatory note to the project, there should be a mechanism for labor immigration  which will allow an investor, the employer to bring  the workforce in the country, when an employer is unable to find  the personnel of the relevant qualifications on the local market.

The purpose of the bill is the development of legal migration, contributing to the growth of employment of citizens of Georgia, and the fight against illegal migration and trafficking.