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What is Exports Potential of Georgian Lemonade?

What is Exports Potential of Georgian Lemonade?

Natakhtari company exports 80% of its products to Azerbaijan, Russia, Armenia and Kazakhstan.

Georgia has reached certain progress in penetrating and diversifying new exports markets.

The company has also expanded the list of products that are exported to foreign markets, including to Europe.

For many years Georgian wines and mineral waters perform a key role in the exports. In the last period Georgian Lemonade has also joined this list. According to the statistics, until 2015 exports of beverages were dynamically growing, while the year of 2015 recorded a slowdown tendency.

According to Geostat, the national statistics service of Georgia, Georgia earned approximately 170 000 USD from exports of mineral waters and lemonades. The figure marked 280 000 USD in 2014 and 180 000 USD in 2015.

Heavy economic situation on the major exports markets has caused slowdown in exports of Georgian lemonade, Natakhatari company noted.

“We direct 80% of our exports to Azerbaijan, Russia, Armenia and Kazakhstan. After the economic situation worsened and national currencies depreciated in these countries, the exports volume shrank by about 10% compared to 2014”, the company said.

The fact lemonade is less-known product in many countries has made positive effect on the Georgian lemonade’s exports potential.

„Lemonade is less-known beverage in other countries. Therefore, it has raised interest in new exports markets. Our products are approved in almost all countries and this is a glorious fact for not only our company, but also the whole country”, Natakhtari noted.

Natakhtari expects the exports volume to increase as a result of penetrating new markets in 2016.

The company exported Georgian lemonades to 24 countries in 2015, including: Azerbaijan, Russia, Armenia, Kazakhstan, Moldova, Ukraine, Cyprus, Germany, the USA, Latvia and Greece.

It should be noted Georgian soft and strong beverage companies take active part in various international exhibitions abroad to pave way to new exports markets.