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What does Being Events Manager Mean in Georgia Today

It doesn’t take more than five minutes to determine that Nini Dedalamazishvili, Tatia Khelaia, Tatuli Tskitishvili and Natia Tetiashvili, the founders and managing directors of TEAM 4 EVENTS , are well-suited in their client-facing, fast-paced, multi-skilled roles. Whether they’re attending a client dinner with future bride and groom or planning a large concert outdoors, it is quite apparent that they love juggling their busy workload.

It wasn’t hard to see how they came about founding TEAM 4 EVENTS – they  thought about their backgrounds in event planning, music production, administrative management and direction and discovered that they had the perfect recipe for a true one stop shop in events management.

Early on in their careers, these young professionals realized that a job consisting of mundane tasks wouldn’t suit them, they just had to apply their experience to their own company,  hence their appreciation and enjoyment of events that take them near and far. “I can’t sit at my desk for more than 30 minutes,” Nini tells me, and, indeed, I’ve observed this to be true.

What Does a Day-in-the-Life of a TEAM 4 EVENTS Events Manager Look Like?

Tatuli Tskitishvili

No two days are ever the same (honestly you have no idea – and neither do I from one day to the next!). We could be in Tbilisi or Batumi next week. I could be desk bound budgeting, I could be with our event designers making up table tests, I could be at Rooms Hotel for an interview with a client. We might be at a site visit, a menu tastings, arranging chairs for a conference, or pitching to a potential client. I am also responsible for the business and the people we employ. It is a huge responsibility and challenge year o year.

Do You Have Any Advice for People Who Are Going Through a Challenging time in searching for a job as an events manager?

Nini Dedalamazishvili

You have to know your strengths and learn the best way to showcase them when applying for jobs you want, as in events management, there are many roles you can focus on. You have to be creative and try to separate yourself from the rest of the applicants. Send examples of actual work you’ve done (pictures, PowerPoints, news articles) that you might’ve been featured in or worked on as a part of a past role. These things will put you ahead of others.

What Skills, Traits, and Qualities Do You Think Matter Most in Your Position and in This Industry?

Nini Dedalamazishvili

You need to be willing to think quickly on your feet. At every event, regardless of how well planned it is, something will go wrong, and it’ll need to be fixed. Being creative helps attract people to your event and therefore encourage them to come to you for a new one.

Also, I think you have to be confident and ask for what you want and need. In this position, I have to ask for a lot of support from my TEAM, and I need to be confident and know what I want in order to get the results that I need.

I have a lot of control in what happens at the events. It’s great having an idea and being able to make it come to life, with full support from your team.

If you’re an extrovert like TEAM 4 EVENTS who truly enjoy spending their workday surrounded by other people, consider working in one of these types of roles. And if you’re just, well, trying to get your foot in the door somewhere, take her advice and be as proactive as possible. Being assertive and going after what you want may just get you the job of your dreams.

What attributes to your growing success?

Natia Tetiashvili

A lot of hard work and a little bit of luck! But that alone is not enough. To stay at the top of your game you have to demonstrate over and over that you are good and prove it at every event, prove that to yourself. We strive to be the very best, and I hand-on-heart believe that together with my team, we can be the best. And I know the team is only as good as its weakest link, and we work every day to be the strongest, each and every one of us.

If it does not work out with a vendor then we try not to make the same mistakes again, to prepare so that someone else’s mistakes are foreseen and dealt with even before they happen; that may seem ruthless and excessive, I know, but there are no second chances for me at a live event or any of us who produce live experiences. I also have an incredibly supportive partners; they believes in me, and that has been the greatest gift as their belief is so strong that I sometimes think that I really could do anything! Together we have proven that we really CAN do ANYTHING!

What are the best and worst parts of being an events planner, especially with weddings?

Tatia Khelaia

The worse part is that everyone I meet tells me about their weddings or their children’s or friend’s wedding:  nobody should have an event like someone else, we approach each client individually, so what I want to hear is what you want, not what you have seen, but what you truly desire.

The best part is that I know that in the modern world weddings are among life’s highlights. A wedding affirms the concept of family and celebrates friendship. It is a pleasure to earn my living helping others create happy memories that will stay with them forever,

What is your major goal in your work?

Tatia Kheliaa

Our major goals are to deliver outstanding, world-class events and magical experiences. As important, is to be a competent, profitable business. I want TEAM 4 EVENTS to be excellent, and I want everyone who works for and with me to strive for excellence every single day and dream big. As we are not just an event planning service, we have big projects planned that will enable our music and entertainment scene to develop and prosper with the help and contribution of giant international companies that we work with.