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What do Georgian Businessmen Expect from Georgian Ambassadors?

New Economy Minister of Georgia  asks ambassadors to help in attracting foreign investments.

Natalie Sabanadze,  Ambassador of Georgia to the EU, believes  that the new foreign minister George Kvirikashvil will devote more attention to economic diplomacy. How exactly are Georgia’s ambassadors to various countries involved in establishing the economic relations between the involved sides and whether they foster Georgian businessmen’s communication with the foreign partners?

Director General of the wine company “Schuchmann Wines Georgia” Nutsa Abramishvili  cannot recall a specific example when the ambassadors helped in searching for foreign partners. Abramishvili says Georgian ambassadors are involved in the popularization of Georgian wine abroad, which, in this case, has no direct effect, but is very important for the economy. However, the wine sector wishes such activities to be more intensified.

In her words, the diplomatic missions are necessary for the country’s foreign political relations, but today Georgia needs foreign direct investment, which is impossible without a process of familiarization with the  country’s potential and its promotion in which the diplomatic missions should be involved.

“More concrete steps are needed to attract investment and to export Georgian wine to as many countries as possible, as the market diversification is Georgian wine sector’s priority. You see that the post-Soviet countries are facing a lot of problems, and our main goal is to enter more stable markets and ambassadors should  be involved in the process. I think Kvirikashvili will instruct them to be more efficient and be engaged in business talks within their competence,” Nutsa Abramishvili notes.

In the opinion of the Chairman of the Board of the Hazelnut Producers and Exporters  Association Aleksandre Motserelia, the ambassadors’ involvement in the activities of commercial companies is  not required.

“I do not consider it necessary ambassadors to be engaged  in the process, as  this  is the primary source of corruption”,  Alexander Motserelia notes.

In his words, the nut exporters have direct contacts with partners via the Internet, therefore, there is no need for the involvement of other persons. CBW was told at the mineral water company Borjomi that they are closely collaborating with Georgia’s embassies.

“Ambassadors are actively involved in the issues we can’t resolve, especially in strategically important countries,” Borjomi representatives said.