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Waste recycling in Georgia
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What are The Most In-Demand Jobs in Georgia? (List)

Government Reports about the Most In-demand Professions in Georgia, Barman, shop assistant, guide, locksmith, bricklayers – this is a shortlist of the most in-demand professions in the Georgian labor market.

The Georgian Health Ministry has conducted the labor market research and outlined deficient professions in the country. 

Giorgi Gamkrelidze, head of the Health Ministry labor market analysis management, overviews results of the Labor Market Demand Component Research. The government will  develop a joint database, based on this report, where job seekers, employers ands all interested bodies will be able  to receive information on the labor market, he noted. 

“The Labor Market Demand Component Research” was conducted in 2015 on representative basis in all 11 regions of Georgia. The research has showed that the employment index has increased by 1% year on year. Over the past 12 months  49 000 new job places were created, while 40 000 older ones were closed. This signifies the difference marked 1%. A major part of organizations operate in the commerce sector, namely 24 000 organizations. The report has showed that a part of employers complain about the staff qualification”, Giorgi Gamkrelidze noted.

 The edu.aris.ge has asked for the list of professions. 

“The positions defined based on essential research of the labor market demand component in which the government offers short-term training courses to jobseekers”.

  1. Vehicle Repairer
  2. Vehicle metal worker
  3. Vehicle electric engineer
  4. Crane Operator
  5. Barman
  6. Garden Designer
  7. Accountant
  8. Gas Supply system installation specialist
  9. Shop Assistant
  10. Guide
  11. Woodworker
  12. Electrician
  13. Amender of electric and digital appliances
  14. Locomotive operator
  15. Energy worker- installation specialist
  16. Ventilation and air-conditioning systems specialist
  17. Locksmith
  18. Locksmith-sanitary technician
  19. IT specialist
  20. Bricklayer
  21. Computer networks and systems administrator
  22. Computer networks and systems technician
  23. Confectioner
  24. Gardener
  25. Vegetable grower
  26. Machinist
  27. Tile layer
  28. Fruit Grower
  29. Cook
  30. Receptionist
  31. Cashier
  32. Building specialist
  33. Plant protection technician
  34. Oil and Gas network serviceman
  35. Office manager
  36. Doctor assistant
  37. TV-Radio systems service and exploitation specialist
  38. Reinforced concrete specialist
  39. Vehicle tract technician
  40. Sewing machine repairer
  41. Sewing machine operator
  42. Textile product specialist
  43. Textile product quality management specialist
  44. Restaurant business manager
  45. Hotel business manager
  46. Food products production specialist
  47. Clothes designing specialist
  48. Stone and stone materials decorative processing specialist
  49. Chemical and food industry safety specialist
  50. Chemical and food product expert
  51. Welder
  52. Engine specialist
  53. Security specialist
  54. Vegetable processing specialist