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Photo/Sebastien Canaud

We should Better Use Potential of Georgian Embassies for Attracting Investments

Georgia should employ the potential of its embassies abroad to draw more investments to the country, Nona Mamulashvili, president of Georgia-Swiss Business Association, told BM.Ge when appraising the institute of commercial attaches.

The president of Georgia-Swiss Business Association thinks that the potential of Georgian embassies should be used more effectively to draw investments.
“First of all, we should analyse the resources and potential of Georgian embassies to conclude how we can use this potential for attracting more investments. To this end we should train the personnel of our Embassies and upgrade their qualifications and after this we should introduce criteria for appraisal of economic components of embassies, because, based on social-economic challenges of our country, economic diplomacy should be one of the key priorities”, Mamulashvili said. 

Business associations also paly significant role in drawing new foreign investments, she said.

“I am authorized to declare in the name of Georgia-Swiss Business Association that we provide active job for popularizing Georgia’s investment potential. We try to promote cooperation between Georgian and Swiss businessmen, especially after enforcement of free trade with EFTA. It is noteworthy that on November 1-15 in Zurich annual wine exhibition EXPOVINA will be held, where Georgia will participate for the first time as an honorary guest”, Nona Mamulashvili said and added that about 16 winemaking companies from Georgia will participate in the exhibition.