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VRium – Designing Tangible Hyper Reality

All started with a dream of four Georgian friends (Irakli Kokrashvili, Mikheil Chkhartishvili, Gabriel Meliva & George Dalakishvili) to create something unbelievable.

There was huge challenges for them, they wanted to create something unique and give people a great experience: To inspire people’s Imagination; By crafting virtual reality; By bursting the reality; By changing people’s perspectives to change their point of view.

Their playground differs from competitors. Four key elements makes their product A quality: Spatial perception; Original visual; Original sound effects; Unique gameplay.

The tech team has 10+ years experience of working in the gaming sector. The lead developer Irakli Kokrashvili has been working in the gaming industry for 15 years heading creation of the award-winning products. The project led by him was as a runner-up of the 3D Jam by Leap Motion. His team designed one of the most popular Georgian steam VR games VRZ: torment. Collaboration with a well-known game designer Mark Rein-Hagen brought more successful projects including creation of a large number of mobile games.

Interview with the Team:

Our team is created by the people passionate about technology and gaming. We believe in the power of the team work where each member is ready to walk the extra mile. We are sure that VR gives us an opportunity to more efficiently and sustainably change public perception.

VRium creates a fully immersive experience by combining physical and digital worlds. We are established in the VR gaming and produce hardware and software which together build a completely new dimension. VR experience allows audience members to feel like they are actually in another place and as if they have become another person. It is a 360 degree view of a new world – our first Hyper reality game “GENESIS” has recently been launched in Tbilisi Mall, at “VR House” territory.

We work hard to inspire, create, and explore, introducing amazing possibilities of the VR technology. We are sure VR will fundamentally change the entertainment world. The VR technology is considered as one of the cutting-edge technologies holding endless possibilities in all fields of life and especially in the entertainment industry. We are at the forefront of the VR game development.

The market for the VR software and hardware has been steadily evolving: the research shows the growth from US3.7 billion in 2016 to 12.1 billion in 2018 with the prediction of growing up to 40.4 billion by 2020*. As one of the fastest growing industries, the VR technology is in the spotlight with a potential of becoming the leading tech industries in the coming years. VRium has entered the market with a strong product which is constantly developing.

Currently our company is on Seed capital stage and we are actively working on finding new experienced investors in VR field from all over the world. The technology we create is world standard and is improving permanently.

For more information please visit our web page: www.vrium.zone