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Vice Mayor of Tbilisi: Business Showed Unprecedented Solidarity

Georgian business showed unprecedented solidarity in overcoming the consequences of natural disasters – Vice Mayor of Tbilisi Irakli Lekvinadze told  “CBW”.

According to him, business responded quickly to the incident by providing  all possible assistance to the victims ,  at the same time  it  is working on the long-term plans for restoration of the damaged infrastructure of the capital.

“Tbilisi does not remember a disaster like this for decades, and in this situation the business teamed up as never before. Businessmen on their own, without any reminders and calls began to help the population. Up to 100 companies helped  the affected  population, and their number is growing every day, “- says  Vice Mayor. In his words,   the damage from the disaster is very great.

“Of course, the disaster victims is the most serious and irreparable trouble. In addition, about 80 families are left without a roof over their  head, about 400 people moved  to temporary accommodation in hotels and apartments. We are working on providing them with temporary rented accommodation and how to provide them with apartments in the future – we will decide together with business, “- Irakli Lekvinadze notes.

In his words, particularly active are construction and pharmaceuticals companies. “There is no problem with regard to coordination of actions. We are actively cooperating with all business companies, which are involved in providing assistance to victims “- says Vice Mayor. He notes that apart from  direct assistance to victims, businessmen transfer funds to the accounts of the City Hall – at this stage the amount  reached GEL 300 000.

“Soon we will have a clear picture of who needs what. Business companies are ready to continue to provide assistance. In addition, there is a huge and unprecedented activity on the part of the capital’s residents. We want this process was  maximally  organized, and businessmen are ready to help us in this. In general, the level of support from business and society is  unprecedented, “- Vice Mayor concludes.