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VELLINO: New Brand Comes to Georgian Wine Market

VELLINO is a new Georgian wine brand, which appeared in October in Georgia. At this stage the company offers Saperavi 2015, however from 2017 production of other wine varieties is planned. Founder of the company is financial officer who heads this business by himself.

“I always wanted to create something with my hands which would then became my source of income. I was inspired with the idea of producing wine because I was born in Kakheti and always had different interest towards wine and vineyards. I think that doing something is good when you create it with your own hands. In 2016 I have been granted by “Produce in Georgia” program which is funded by the Ministry of economy. With that capital I have purchased wine producing equipment,” Beka Jimsheladze said.

Due to the fact that Kakhetian wine is always linked to Qvevri and hard wine, I wanted my wine to be different. For now VELLINO has classical style natural wine. Brand has received many positive appraisals. 


How did you choose the name and design of brand?

The name is absolutely my imagination. I wanted a new which would be resonant, easily recognizable and  would cause wine association. I worked on label for two months, on one evening I came up with the brilliant idea: I took satellite picture of my vineyard and made some special effects and received quite original label.

How many bottles you produce and where is your wine sold at?

Approximately 3,500 bottles from 2015 year harvest were out for sale, this year we had better and diverse harvest, conformably  wine of 2016 will have 12 000 bottles. Customers can buy VELLINO at every wine shops and hipper market.