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Upscale Boutique Hotel to be Built in Mtskheta

Luxurious boutique hotel will be built  in Mtskheta with German investments.

According to  the  project developer Grande Group Georgia Director Konstantin Morgoshia, the hotel will be located in  the territory of a former ceramics school. The project cost  is around $ 20-30 million. The hotel will consist  of 80 rooms ad will include  two-level parking, indoor and outdoor swimming pool, conference rooms, restaurant and cafe. The management decided not to open a casino in  the hotel  because as they claim,  it  is not allowed to open a casino in a city like Mtskheta.

According to the company’s Director,  it is not yet clear who will manage the hotel,  at the moment the talks are underway with  several international hotel brands. The boutique hotel will be mainly designed  for  foreign tourists with a minimum room price of  $ 100. The project will  be launched as soon as the company  agrees the project with Mtskheta Municipality and the National Agency for Cultural Heritage Protection.