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Ukrainians Can Travel Georgia by Car Easier Now

Georgia is a country that is easily traveled by car and many tourists know this very well. SOCAR has created a special International Card for the Ukranian tourists to be able to travel the country without worrying about the exchange rates and finding quality gas in Georgia.

Holders of the International Card will have an opportunity to pay for gas without cash in the national currency of the country they’re traveling in. For instance, Ukranian tourists traveling in Georgia will not have to wrap their heads around finding the best gas deals in the host country – they can simply use the International Card at any of SOCAR’s gas stations. The same applies to Georgians traveling in Ukraine.


The advantages of the International Card include:

  • saving money for on the conversion of currencies and the differences between gas prices in Ukraine and Georgia
  • no need to worry about the language barrier
  • total transparency of the money transactions


Every gas station operating under the name SOCAR in Ukraine and Georgia accepts the International Card. That is, 53 stations in Ukraine and 112 stations in Georgia.

Using the International Card one can acquire any type of petroleum products, including diesel, gas and petrol. The card can be used for tourist means as well as corporate aims.