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Tusheti Guda Cheese Exported to the US

The first cooperative in Tusheti equipped with modern technologies produces Guda cheese.The cooperative consists of 11 members and has 4 kinds of Guda cheese. The representative of Tusheti Guda Cheese producer company Alaznistavi will talk about the topic.

Why did you decide to build a factory in a distant mountainous region?

Guda Cheese is one of the most important cheeses which are not made in Georgia during last 20-25 years. In 2015, we decided to establish a cooperative. Our aim was to spread an idea about real Guda cheese. We wanted people to know what the real Guda cheese is. We have been trying this for 2 years.

As we know, your project has been financed in the frame of EU project, ENPARD…

We gained a grant in the frame of ENPARD in 2015. It required a lot of effort to implement this project. It was very difficult to run construction process because 15 km part of the road is not for cars. We had to transport cheese by horses. The production of traditional Alpines Guda Cheese should be made on Alpines fields. In the last years, farmers and shepherds construct their houses and farms close to the road which causes erosion and it is a big problem.

Your Guda cheese has been exported to America. It is not so easy to export the cheese. There are certain regulations to pass. How did you manage to do it?

We are working very actively in this direction. Via mediator Exporter Company, we export our cheese to the US. There are a lot of Georgian emigrants in America and they buy our cheese. We had the presentation of our production in France, Paris.  We also have negotiations with Jewish companies. In autumn, we are going to export our product to Russia.