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Turkish Electric Motor Manufacturer Enters Georgian Market

Turkish electric motor manufacturer company Gamak entered Georgian market, and SABA is it’s exclusive representative.

Different companies took part in Construction and Design exhibition, from 16-19 May in EXPO Georgia.

Factories without electric motors in unimaginable, that is why participation in construction exhibition for us highly important, today we had a opportunity to raise awareness about our company, Founder of SABA, Merab Kukalia said.

Gamak was founded in 1961 to fulfill the needs of the Turkish industry for locally produced critical component, the “Electric Motor”. In a very short time they started the production of the first electric motor made in Turkey.

With our products ranging from 0.06 kW to 1000 kW, we have been able to meet the motor needs of almost every industry. We’ve produced almost every component required for the manufacture of Electric Motors within our own factory; we’ve combined the whole production process under one roof. We have become one of the few producers that can enamel their own wire; we’ve established one of the leading laboratories in Europe.