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Turkish Businessmen about the Lack of Communication with Government of Georgia

Turkish businessmen complain about the lack of direct communication with the Georgian central government.

This statement was made by the  Turkish Consul Yassin Temizkan at a meeting of  the Georgian Business Ombudsman George Gakharia with Turkish businessmen at  Intourist hotel in Batumi.

Officially, the meeting aimed  to discuss the existing problems and ways of promotion of the business environment. The meeting  was closed to media, therefore, it remains  unknow what kind of problems were discussed in a meeting with Turkish businessmen.

According to the Business Ombudsman’s representative Otar Rikadze, the meeting was focused on overall problems, for example, problems related to the visa regime.

The Turkish  Consul , who attended the meeting, notes that  he wants  Georgia’s economy to be strong and Turkish businessmen will be able to make their contribution to the development of Georgian economy, because, in his words,  Turkey  is interested in a strong partner.

“There are technical problems, but I would not focus on  these problems today, mainly related to the central government. Because we do not have a direct relationship with the central government, we have decided to reach out to them at  such meetings, “- the Turkish Consul  told journalists.

Several months ago, Georgian businessmen spoke with “Commersant” about the government’s bureaucratic and biased approaches with respect to business and claimed about  the impossibility of communication with government agencies.

In February 2014, when  asked by  “Commersant” at the presentation of the NGO  Citizen, the former Prime Minister Bidzina Ivanishvili said that as a citizen, he would  work actively to simplify communication between  businesses and government agencies .

According to him, the communication  problem ought  not to exist today and the organization shouldrespond to it.