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Tsotne Ebralidze to Head Georgian Co-Investment Fund

Staff changes is underway in the management structure of the Co-investment Fund.

According to Bm.ge, Giorgi Bachiashvili, Head of the Co-Investment Fund will move to the Supervisory Board and Tsotne Ebralidze will take his place in the Fund.

Tsotne Ebralidze is currently the manager of Georgian Co-investment Fund in Tourism and Real Estate.

Giorgi Bachiashvili has been working at the co-investment fund since its inception in 2013. According to the Business Registry data, Bachiashvili still holds 100% stake in the foundation.

The co-investment fund does not make any official comment yet.

1tv.ge has released information about staff changes in the fund. According to which, Giorgi Bachiashvili left the position of co-investment fund.

Co-investment Fund is implementing projects in energy, tourism, industry and agriculture.