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Tsinandali Wine

Tsinandali Wine Reviving – New Production of Old Wines of the Chavchavadzes Lands

The contemporary Georgian winemaking originated in the Tsinandali lands. For the first time, Georgian wine was bottled in this place. Today, Silk Road Group revitalizes the tradition and intends to start production of Aleksandre Chavchavadze land wines.

In his interview Silk Road Group manager Koka Archvadze provides detailed information on the Tsinandali Wines and you will also see special video material about the Noble Wines.

Who is author of Tsinandali Wine restoration project and who makes these wines?

The Tsinandali land rehabilitation project is being carried out by Silk Road Group. Both the Tsinandali wines and the whole lands of Aleksandre Chavchavadze museum is under patronage of SRG. Two distinguished winemakers work at our land: David Maisuradze and Giorgi Barisashvili.

Naturally, the Tsinandali restoration project includes rehabilitation of winery and vineyards and today wines of the revived lands of Tsinandali have returned to the global market.

What is special history behind the Tsinandali Wine?

Tsinandali land is the place, where the contemporary Georgian winemaking was born. Aleksandre Chavchavadze has introduced classical technologies of winemaking in Georgia and the first Georgian bottled wines was born in this way.

The tradition goes on. Along with the Kvevri wines, Tsinandali also produces wines made by classical European technologies. We follow the tradition of Noble Aleksandre and these two technologies co-exist even today.

What grape varieties are used and how many sorts of wines are produced?

The vineyard comprises 11 Georgian grape varieties, but at this stage only four varieties are represented on the market:

  • Tsinandali
  • Dry Saperavi 2014 aged in oak barrels
  • White Dry “Kvevri”
  • Semi-sweet Saperavi

Moreover, the Land produces top quality vodka and fruit spirits in limited volume. In general, Tsinandali land products will be distributed in small volumes.

Where will be the Tsinandali Wines sold?

Currently, Tsinandali wines are sold at Tsinandali tasting room and the store located at the first floor of Radisson BLU Iveria hotel. The current volume of production does not suffice to supply product to big trade networks. The price of a bottle starts from 25 GEL.

And now we introduce promo video material of Tsinandali wine prepared by ABK advertising agency.