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Truvox Cleaning Machines Company Enters Georgian Market, Cooperates with Clean World Company

Truvox Cleaning Machines Company Enters Georgian Market, Cooperates with Clean World Company

Truvox International company is one of the leading manufacturers of commercial and industrial cleaning machines.

It was founded 70years ago and exports products to more than 70 countries thanks to high quality standards and competitive prices. The company is believed to easily find its niche on Georgian market.

18136896_1613285905367979_577346298_nGordon McVean, international sales and marketing director of Truvox company, has paid a visit  to Clean World company.

-What is the objective of your visit?

-Mission of my visit is to support Clean World, receive information about your activities on the market and  learn how we can assist you in resolving the current problems.

-What is the advantage of your  products and what makes your company special as compared to other companies, dealers and manufacturers?

-Our products ensure our advantage — rotors: floor cleaning machines, polishing machines, carpet washing machines. We have strong positions on the market. We produce the mentioned machines even for our competitors and then they sell those products with their own brand names.

18142987_1613285912034645_1637600331_nWe manufacture world-standard products for 7 organizations and people know all these machines  are genuinely reliable and valuable products with warranty periods. Any interested bodies are  able to buy our products, including small and major business companies, as part of our cooperation  Clean World company.

The company also  exports escalator cleaners and dry cleaning machines.

-Are your products designed for private bodies or broader purposes?

-Our product is designed for the market and follows the Be to Be, that is Business for Business principle. At the same time, we offer interesting products that are applicable and convenient for private bodies.

18109704_1613285948701308_1613304261_nFor example, we are introducing a new line of products in household direction — innovative machines without batteries that will be exported all over the world.

This is a semi-professional device that is only 5 kilograms in weight and an ideal mean for housewives with MULTIWASH multifunctional regimes. These floor cleaning machines are designed for any type of surface  and is able to clean floor of any type with different brushes. Moreover, we also offer professional vacuum cleaners. Unlike household vacuum cleaners, it is stronger and more reliable.

-What factors make your mission interesting in Georgia?

-Professional cleaning service is a comparatively new direction in Georgia and it is being developed dynamically. We need quick paces to help you in taking roots on this market. There is much potential, there are new investments and we should improve our services for our clients.