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Transportation Companies may Withdraw from the Market

Transportation companies face a danger of disappearing from the market. Director of Georgian Trans Expedition  LTD  David Davitidze says that a current situation in  the business strikes blow to  the country’s economy and the sector as a whole.

According to  Davitidze,  when competition is limited, it leads to  low quality and high tariffs. This hinders the development. He notes that no one wanst to withdraw from the market voluntarily, but if the situation doesn’t improve, no one will operate on the market except for two monopolists.

Davitidze says  the company has two kinds of problems. The first problem is to receive containers loaded with motor  cars in the terminal of Poti. We are talking about ICP terminal, which is private and is based in the port of Poti.

The second problem concerns the second monopolist “Trans Caucasus Terminals Ltd “, which was formed as a monopoly in 2011-2012. Davitidze says that the company also assumed the functions of the expeditor. It has a dominant position. In his words, the company is trying to develop by manipulating prices.

In the words of Davitidze,  hoping to solve the problems, the company turned to the Competition Agency. According to him, this is their last hope.