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Toyota to Convey Autmobiles with EURO4 Standard Diesel Engine to Georgia

Toyota  cares for ecology protection and offers more ecologically refined automobiles.

Georgian customers will be soon able to buy ecologically cleaner, acceptable and refined RAV4 and Corolla auitomobiles with diesel engine. Official sales of the models will start in Georgia in the near future.

New Models of Toyota fully meats European Standards for emissions and they are successfully sold and are very popular in the EU countries.

“Care for Ecology becomes more and more relevant worldwide, as well as in Georgia. Therefore, Toyota has introduced ecologically clean automobiles with EURO4 stadnard diesel engines. Our country follows western values and we believe it is very important to take into account and establish all details of this course”, the company representatives noted.

The 2013 models of Corolla dn RAV4 have become market leaders in the due segment. They  2014 automobiles  RAV4 2wd and Corolla with new components and best characteristics have further strengthened the leading positions.

New Toyota Models of Corolla and RAV4 work on diesel engine and this is very economical compared to petrol. “Despite Toyota petrol-driven automobiles are economical, diesel engines save more fuel compared to the petrol engine with the same displacement volume”, the company says.

Specialists assert Toyota automobiles with diesel engine have got improved accelerator and  twisting force compared to a petrol driven engine with the same displacement volume. Unlike petrol engines, diesel engine ensures faster acceleration and makes the driving more dynamical. Diesel engine of RAV4 is so strong that it resembles the PRADO power and these models have got better accelerator compared to a 2.0 liter models with petrol engine.

Only a limited quantity of RAV4 with diesel engine will be conveyed to Georgia and Georgian customers will be able to buy the product until the fourth quarter of 2015.