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Tourism Department of Adjara Proposes to Introduce Accreditation System for Tour Operators

Deputy Head of the Tourism Department of Adjara Mamuka Berdzenishvili states about the need to introduce the accreditation system for travel agencies.

According to him, 30 travel agencies are operating in the region of Adjara and the negotiations are underway to  resolve their problems.

“Obviously, there are violations, and the government should pay attention to them. For example, there is a shortage of qualified personnel, especially in summer, when many tourists come. Therefore, we should adopt a solution that will  harm neither the state nor the private sector. It is time to introduce some regulations in respect of the tourism business, “- he told “Commersant “.

In his words, during the year several meetings with tour operators will be held and the Tourism Department of the region will take on the role of mediator between the private sector and the central government. It is also planned to develop a series of recommendations to address the problems.

Some tour  operators  have a negative attitude to the introduction of the accreditation system , as they believe that it  can be  biased.

If decisions are taken objectively, without any other interests, then fine, but at  I do not believe in such a prospect. We has been operating  on  the Georgian market for 5 years, and mainly sent tourists from Georgia abroad, but we  plan to launch a  domestic  tourism as well. It is unclear how we’ll do it, if a decision on accreditation is made, “- Director of  the tourist company TR – Travel Eka Liluashvili notes.

However, there are other opinions. For example, Director  of  Medea Travel Irakli Gogorishvili agrees with the need to introduce such a rule, since, in his opinion, it will bring stability to the tourist market of Georgia.

“A lot of companies do not meet even the minimum standards. Therefore, it is necessary to introduce the accreditation system. To get it, a travel company should know the market, have 3 years of  experience, must have  office, a  website, service quality must conform to international standards. Many companies in Georgia cannot meet any of these conditions, “- the head of the company adds.